About Starmeric®


Turmeric (Curcuma longa), a well known medicinal plant contains curcuminoids (1-6%), volatile oil (3-7%), mineral matter (3-7%), protein (6-8%), fat (5-10%), moisture (6-13%) and carbohydrates (60-70%). The pharmacological benefits of Curcuminoids are well known to mankind. The unexplored non-polar components of turmeric like carbohydrates, proteins and fibers also have potential health benefits. Starmeric® is a resistant starch, isolated from turmeric and having a high content of amylose (linear polysaccharide with α, 1-4 linkage). The double-helical crystalline structure of resistant starch cannot be hydrolyzed by enzymes in the small intestine and it is passed into the large intestine for fermentation by gut microflora, there it produces short-chain fatty acids.


The resistant starch, with the virtue of its slow degradability by the enteric enzymes, lowers the postprandial glucose level and can also improve the insulin sensitivity. Various studies have implicated the anti-diabetic potential of resistant starch in preclinical studies (Sun et al., 2018). When taken orally, short-chain fatty acids released during resistant starch metabolism by gut microflora have stronger anti-inflammatory activity (Vinolo et al., 2011).*

Starmeric® has been shown to possess anti-rheumatoid activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis induced adjuvant arthritis. Additionally, various studies have shown that the resistant starch can improve serum lipid profile, improve colon health, improve gut microbiome, and can act as a potent prebiotic (Janine et al., 2004).*

Common name
Turmeric Starch
Botanical Name
Curcuma longa
Pale-brown powder
Product information
Content of StarchNot less than 40 %w/w
Shelf-life2 years
Storage ConditionStore at room temperature
CertificationsKosher & Halal Certified
Site QualificationFSSC 22000:2011, NSF GMP, USP GMP, FDA-inspected

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.